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How do I know that I am being called to be a Priest?


This is a process beginning with thoughts about priesthood, it is followed through by discussion with adult people, family, priest etc.

Training may then take place in seminary and here deeper discernment takes place with authority, spiritual directors, and fellow students.


He was studying chemistry at the local university. He was 17 years of age. He remembers very clearly what
happened on the first day of spring in 1953.

“On my way to the picnic passing by our local church, I decided to have my Confession heard by a priest. During that Confession, something strange happened to me. I cannot say what it was, but it was something that changed my life. I could say that it was as if I had been caught off guard….. From that moment onward, God became for me the one who goes ahead. You do not seek him. He seeks you first.”

Strangely, he confided to his sister that he had intended that night proposing marriage to his girlfriend.

There are many way in which God calls us.

If you feel called, discuss this with an adult whom you trust or any member of our Vocations Team

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