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First Steps

  • Deciding on a Vocation may take some years, from first thoughts of priesthood to Ordination.
  • So if being a priest has crossed your mind at any time it is very important to discuss this with another person.
  • Discussing this with somebody brings a certain amount of clarity. It is very important to pay attention to first thoughts when they come. Initially these may be just fleeting thoughts.
  • Within this context of fleeting thoughts on the priesthood, it's very important to pray either in your own words, formal prayer or at mass. This is where a vocation takes first roots - paying attention to these intuitive thoughts and accompanying them with prayer.
  • Then there will come a time to sound the idea off some people whom you admire and trust, in particular members of your family or adults like a priest, teacher or role model.
  • In time then you might contact the Vocations Director of the diocese or any member of the team, with the view of exploring these thoughts and reflections, with the understanding that this not a signing up but a further exploration on your part for clarification and assistance.

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Last Update Feb 08 2016

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