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Barry Larkin

For some time I gave up on Mass and just about anything else to do with Church and congratulated myself for finally getting the whole idea of priesthood as far away from me as was possible.

God does not give up that easily! My career at this time was with men and women who have different abilities and I loved every minute of my work.

At this time I was based in Cashel, Co. Tipperary. Having made friends with the local Presentation Sisters and through the wonderful friendship of three of the Sisters, I gradually came back to the Church. Some years later I entered a Religious Order who specializes in health care. As a Religious I continued to be involved in similar work and was a Religious for almost twenty years.

The constant thread that ran through those years was this drawing toward priesthood. As a Religious this drawing toward priesthood returned. In 2010 I made contact with Father James Finn the Vocations Director with the Diocese of Ferns and began the process that would lead toward studying for the priesthood with the Diocese of Ferns.

I began to study at the Pontifical Beda College in Rome in 2010 and was ordained a deacon here in Rome in June 2013. My time in Rome is drawing to a close and I will be ordained to the priesthood in Enniscorthy in July 2014.

As I mentioned before, thankfully, God does not give up easily! I look forward to my return to Wexford and to the challenges ahead.

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